Rachel Campos Duffy: ObamaCare Is ‘Imploding’; ‘Trump Is Not Collapsing the System’

‘I think Trump realized from the last debacle of healthcare last month that he really has to lead this’


CAMPOS-DUFFY: "First, let me correct Marjorie. The system is imploding. Trump is not collapsing the system. The system itself the way it was set up is causing itself to collapse."
CLIFTON: "That's actually exactly what he said he was going to do."
CAMPOS-DUFFY: "What needs to happen, as we move from this government heavy, big government version of healthcare to a more free market version, we do have this transition period. And Marjorie is absolutely right. We have to keep the subsidies going so that people aren’t hurt in this transition from a government-centered to a more free market version. I think that the Republicans are coming on board to understand that. That's just a short-term period. I think there is progress and I think you’ll see a bill passed."

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