Rice: ‘Absolutely False’ Trump Team Surveillance ‘Originated in the White House’

‘The president of the United States, and people in the White House, do not have the ability to order such collection’

MITCHELL: “Is there any truth to President Trump’s claim on Twitter exactly a month ago, early one Saturday morning on March 4th, that President Obama was eavesdropping on him at Trump Tower?”
RICE: “Absolutely false. And intelligence community, the director of the FBI has made that very clear. There was no such collection or surveillance on Trump Tower or Trump individuals. And it is very important to understand -- by that, I mean directed by the White House or targeted at Trump individuals. It's important for everybody to understand that the president of the United States and people in the White House, do not have the ability to order such collection. That can only come from the Justice Department through an established process. It never originates in the White House. So not only did it not occur, it didn't occur and it could not have occurred, directed by the White House.”

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