Waters: Trump’s Just Trying to Show World Leaders How Rich He Is By Holding Meetings at Mar-a-Lago

‘It’s not appropriate and, of course, most of what this president does is just not appropriate’

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WILSON: "Do you have any feelings, congresswoman, about these meetings, President Trump met with Japanese prime minister Abe at Mar-a-Lago, and now this meeting with the Chinese president will be taking place at mar-a-lago. Do you have any strong opinions as to whether it is appropriate, whether there are any conflicts of interest?" 
WATERS: "Well, yes, I do have some feelings about it. And I do think he should be meeting at the White House. When you have these leaders coming from all over the world to the United States, it should be formalized, it should be at the White House, it should be in a setting that lends itself to the kind of conversation and relationships that is respectful. He’s just trying to show off Mar-a-Lago. He’s just trying to show them how rich he is and what he owns. It’s not appropriate and, of course, most of what this president does is just not appropriate."

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