John Cornyn on Flynn’s Immunity Request: It Means He Might Have Some Liabilities

‘It means they think that they might have some liabilities, from a legal standpoint’

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DICKERSON: Michael Flynn requested immunity. This is the former national security adviser, requested immunity or protection from the committee. You were a former district court judge. What does that mean to you when somebody asks for protection?

CORNYN: Well, it means they think that they might have some liabilities, from a legal standpoint. It’s not uncommon. But I think it’s premature. I agree with Mark Warner, Senator Warner, and others who said we need to get to the bottom -- get as much background as we possibly can. And there’s 20 different witnesses that have been -- have agreed to cooperate with the committee, in addition to viewing the raw intelligence. And at some point, we may want to talk to General Flynn.

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