Conway: Trump Starts Working on Tax Policy This Week and Is Committed to Giving the Middle Class Tax Relief

‘The president is committed to giving middle class Americans tax relief’


CONWAY: 'The tax policy started this week and the president committed to giving middle class Americans tax relief. And lowering the tax burden on our job creators so they can retain and attract American workers here. You know, even in trade yesterday, you look at what happened later in the day yesterday with trade. The president want to crack down on cheaters and abuser. But this is a man who as a candidate took the issue of trade which was at 1% in the polls. It wasn’t even included in the polls. He took trade and coupled it with illegal immigration. He changed the entire conversation from what’s fair to the illegal immigrant to what’s fair to the American worker. When he went around this country he would see the shuttered factory. That also goes to trade. He says look of course we’ll have trade. But the Americans are always going to get screwed. Judge Jeanine: I hear from people all the time who say we don’t care about this Russia thing. When are we getting jobs. When are we getting tax cuts and when is ObamaCare going to be repealed."


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