Mo Brooks: ‘I Was Tickled Pink’ by Trump Singling out the Freedom Caucus

‘That indicates to a very large degree that we are a player in the game’


SMITH: “Alabama congressman Mo Brooks is a member of the Freedom Caucus. Congressman, thanks for sticking around for us. What did you make about what you just heard out of the White House?”
BROOKS: “Well, in a way, I was tickled pink by the President having focused on us, because that indicates to a very large degree that we are a player in the game. We’re trying to get this healthcare bill to be what’s in the best interest of the American people. And to the extent, we can fight hard in that regard. I think the fact that we are a fighter is why the President tweeted about us. He’s tweeted about a lot of people. The Tuesday group, the Democrats and indirectly with Paul Ryan. So this is just part of the new Washington, the Twitter-verse.”

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