Geraldo: Freedom Caucus Committed ‘Treason’ Opposing RyanCare

‘What you have there was the knife being in the back, the treason, the treachery of the Freedom Caucus’

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RIVERA: "And when you are a flamboyant personality and you are succeeding, people tend to stay out of your way. Look at the great track record he has had with his prime time success and then, the historic victory at the White House. But he has had some terrible stumbles. Yes, jobs are great and he hasn’t emphasized that enough. The economy, where’s infrastructure now? Instead, what we have seen this clumsy refugee ban that has done nothing but hurt tourism and scare people, heavy-handedness in terms of the deportations of the undocumented immigrants. The health care, I don’t blame President Trump and I don’t blame Speaker Ryan for the failure of the health care bill. What you have there was the knife in the back, the treason, the treachery of the Freedom Caucus? What is the freedom caucus? It's 40 or so congressmen who are free from responsibility.“

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