Huckabee: GOP Should Never Have Tackled Health Care First; They Should Done Tax Reform First

‘I think a lot of members of Congress finally said whoa, there are some things that are going to hurt the people of my state, and they couldn’t go along with it.’

MORRIS: "Governor, we will get you out of here on this we have Adam Kinzinger coming up on the show. He says single-handedly saved ObamaCare. Is the freedom caucus going to be a sticking point here."
HUCKABEE: "It shouldn’t be. For heaven sake if the freedom caucus can’t support significant tax reform they need to go home. I think they will. This should be the first thing Republicans tackled. They should have tackled tax reform bring tanks rate for corporate down to 15%. Simulate the economy. Get people back to work which is exactly what it would do. And all the time be working carefully to craft a really good healthcare bill that does what the president said, which is give people coverage but make it more affordable. And, by the way, let’s be real honest the government’s role is going to have to be subsidize the high cost people because if you don’t you can’t bring those costs down. I don’t think a lot of members of Congress had dealt with healthcare policy to the level where they understood that healthcare is not going to get less expensive in the future. People live longer. They want more procedures and processes and frankly those cost a lot of money. There is a way to bring the cost down and create a partnership and utilization control. But it ain’t by having the federal government in charge of it. Abby: All right. Always thoughtful, governor. Good to have you here this morning and joining us."

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