Krauthammer on Trump Budget: ‘It Is Dead on Arrival at Capitol Hill’

‘Capitol Hill is a huge morgue of presidential budgets’


KRAUTHAMMER: "He won't have to because this is a budget like every other one I've seen in the decades I've been here, it is dead on arrival at Capitol Hill. Capitol Hill is a huge morgue of presidential budgets. There is not one that actually croaked into life. They're all coming in dead. They are wish lists. They are expressions of one's interests and a way to respond to promises. The beginning of this, the premise of this is defense. In the eight years under Obama, we had a real destruction of the defense budget. Obama came in, it was about 4.6 percent of GDO. When he left, it was 3.2 percent. To put it in context, under the sainted John Kennedy it was around 10 percent. We are at the lowest since about Pearl Harbor and you can see it in the readiness. So that had to be done. The problem with the budget is, as Don indicated, all the real stuff, where the money is, the Willie Sutton bank money is in entitlements which isn't even in here. And the problem it's not in here is because we've got a president who promised in the campaign, unlike just about every other Republican opponent, he wasn't going to touch a hair on the head of entitlements."

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