Obama in Poland: The President Proposes Aid for Europe

Pres. Obama is also vowing to assist Ukraine resist Russian belligerence

Obama vows to stand with Ukraine as he meets President-elect in Poland (CNN)

U.S. President Barack Obama voiced his support for Ukraine's newly elected president and called for the international community to "stand solidly behind" him Wednesday, on a visit to Europe dominated by the crisis in Ukraine.

Obama's meeting in Warsaw, Poland, with Ukrainian President-elect Petro Poroshenko can be seen as a sign of U.S. support for the government in Kiev as it battles to quell a pro-Russian separatist uprising in Ukraine's East.

Ukrainian authorities claimed Wednesday to have inflicted heavy losses on militant forces in the Donetsk region, at the same time as acknowledging that separatists have now seized two military bases in Luhansk. A separatist leader gave conflicting casualty figures.

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