Schiff: It’s in the ‘National Interest’ to Investigate Trump and Russia

‘It is in the national interest to try’


SCHIFF: “I think if the evidence develops that one of the Russian tactics, this was suggested in the dossier, is to financially entangle people as way of exerting influence, if the evidence lead IFS that direction, his tax returns will be pert intercept to our investigation. I think we try to develop the evidence. Follow it where it leads, and not leap to any conclusions on the front end.”

STEPHANOPOULOS: “Are you convinced this investigation will go forward in a complete way? Some of your colleagues sthair afraid it will be a partisan exercise. They’re going to walk away if that’s what day see.”

SCHIFF: “You know, to be honest, George, doint know whether we’ll be able to conduct it to its completion. If we’ll have the bipartisan cooperation we need. It would be in the national interest for us to do so. If, at the end of the day, we produce two conclusion hs, a majority and my or not conclusion, that won’t add any value at all. It’s in the national interest to try. If we get to the point where we can’t, it’s our obligation to speak out and say this is not legitimate. We’re being walled off from certain areas of investigation. We owe it to the country to try. That’s my intention. One of the significant obstacles we’ll have is whether we have the resources to do it in the way we should. For that reason, think we should have an independent commission. I want to give you an update. I have been critical of the FBI and their will. Ingness to cooperate in the investigation. I can say that’s changed. I’m very pleased with the level of cooperation we’re getting from the FBI. I hope that continues. There’s more to be ironed out. But it’s moved in a positive direction

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