CNN’s John King: Obama’s Poll Numbers Are Now ‘Underwater’

‘I always say the president’s approval rating is the North Star of an election year’

CNN’s John King: Obama’s Poll Numbers ‘Underwater’ (Washington Free Beacon)

CNN’s John King described Obama’s current approval ratings as “underwater” and “stuck in a rut” on Tuesday, appearing on New Day.

King called the president’s approval rating the “north star of an election year”, and pointed to CNN’s latest poll which found his approval rating at 43% and his disapproval rating at 55%. “We went through 12 different issues in the president’s approval rating, and he didn’t crack 50, he could not crack 50 on any of those.”

Ron Fournier suggested that most of his disapproval comes from the economy and problems of credibility, while Nia Malika-Henderson added that “people seem to think that he’s increasingly not an effective manager.”

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