Cummings: Trump ‘Enthusiastic’ About Our Plan to Let Medicare Negotiate Drug Prices

‘He took our proposal and we made it clear that we wanted to file a bill with regard to the negotiation of drug prices within the next two weeks’


CUMMINGS: "And I just think that that was an inappropriate comment. I don’t believe it and I think he should retract it, but it’s a little late for that. But moving on to our meeting yesterday, it was a good meeting. He was very — we went to talk about prescription drugs, Peter Welch and I, and I thought that he was very enthusiastic about our proposal to allow Medicare to negotiate for drug prices just as they do with VA and Medicaid. And he saw — and he was very clear with regard to the issue. He knew the facts -- as a matter of fact, he was even supportive of a proposal that we did not bring to him and that was one that Bernie Sanders and I have been working on, which is to allow the import of drugs, people to go across state lines and allow im -- the import of drugs from other countries because the drugs are so much cheaper for Americans. And so, he -- he -- he -- he took our proposal, we made it clear that we wanted to file a bill with regard to the negotiation of -- of drug prices within the next two weeks. He had Secretary Price there, and he basically said to Secretary Price, get it done. And so I don’t know how much more you can ask."

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