Krauthammer: GOP Must Cover People When Repealing ObamaCare or They Will Have a PR Political Catastrophe

‘The split among Republicans is partly a matter of ideology, partly semantics’

KRAUTHAMMER: "That is there hope, to get 60 votes. I think the split among Republicans is partly a matter of ideology, partly semantics. The Republicans, to make sure there aren’t a huge number of people heard by the transition, that’s the reason they are daunted. The left is genius for ratcheting up dependency on government largess. Daring Republicans when they come into power into doing it because it’s unpopular. This system is unworkable but has some who benefits and some are going to lose. I think what you have to do if you are a Republican, you have to forget about the bottom line. Forget about deficits for the short run. You must cover these people one way or the other or you will have a P.R., political catastrophe. You don’t want to bust the budget but you can to be counting your pennies now or there are going to be so many stories out there. People who are hurt and really hurting as a result of the reform."

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