Bruce LeVell: ’I’m Very Optimistic’ People Will Realize Trump Will Be the Best President This Nation Has Ever Had

‘I’m committed to the president’


LEVELL: "Well, yeah. It's tough. You know, look at me; I'm an African American man in the south. I've been a Republican my whole life. I'm 52 years old. I started when I was 18 stuffing envelopes for Reagan. And you know, I'm committed. You know, I'm committed to the president. The coalition is committed. And, you know, it comes with the price, unfortunately. You know, it's -- it's not favorable but I'm very optimistic that hopefully some day my prayers, these -- these you know, folks that are just so working against the president will finally wake up and see that he would be the best president this nation has ever had in the history of these United States of America."

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