Flashback: 2002 High School Speech by Stephen Miller that Offended Students

In the high school video, Miller displays a precocious ability to go against the current and provoke controversy

Exclusive video: The high school speech by Stephen Miller that offended students, and got him thrown off stage (Univision

The young White House adviser who is one of the president's preferred spokesmen once ran for election at his California high school. His stump speech was perceived as racist by other students, according to a video obtained exclusively by Univision.

Donald Trump has found in the young Stephen Miller an adviser with the qualities to channel him: politically incorrect, self-confident and experienced with a microphone. All of this is on display in a video obtained exclusively by Univision News showing Miller on stage in his high school days.

Miller, now 31, has become one of the president's favorite - and most hotly discussed - spokesmen partly because he is able to dissemble about election fraud without blinking, as he did this weekend in a round of interviews on cable TV channels. Trump rewarded him with a complimentary tweet.

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