CBS Frets: ‘Constitutional Crisis’ in Fight over Trump Travel Ban

‘— and this is clearly within the President purview — to look at immigration, but that any law must pass constitutional muster’

CBS Frets: ‘Constitutional Crisis’ in Fight over Trump Travel Ban (NewsBusters)

The journalists at CBS This Morning on Monday hyperventilated over conflicting rulings on Donald Trump’s travel ban, insisting that it’s a growing“constitutional crisis.”  At first, legal expert Rikki Klieman simply explained the normal process the travel ban would follow through the courts: “It is definitely going to the Supreme Court. Whoever is going to lose here, whichever side, you could have the three-judge panel deciding one way or the other. Then you may go to the whole circuit.” 

After adding that any law “must pass constitutional muster,” she noted, “So you have three equal branches of government.” Klieman then intoned, “This is a constitutional crisis, Norah.” O’Donnell quickly agreed, “Yeah, it is a constitutional crisis.” Over on Politico, journalist Elizabeth Drew looked at the travel ban rulings and somehow wondered, “Is This Watergate?” 

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