Joy Behar: When Lady Gaga Sang ‘Born This Way’ It Was Directed at Mike Pence

‘That’s directly at Mike Pence’


HOSTIN: "It was -- there was going to be this big political statement. And I didn't get that. So I was --" [crosstalk]
BEHAR: "When she is singing 'Born This Way', that's directly at Mike Pence." (Laughter) (Applause)
HOSTIN: "Maybe. Maybe. I mean, because her songs are -- do have a political --" [crosstalk]
GOLDBERG: "If you listen to her music."
HOSTIN: "Yeah."
GOLDBERRG: "You know, and you listen to what she's saying. Yeah, she's always been political. She doesn't -- you know, people don't have to be political. They can just be."

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