‘A Sobering Forecast’: NBC News Ties Baltimore Rain Storm to Climate Change

‘While policymakers debate climate change, the vast majority of climate scientists say it has already begun in time for the country to prepare’

NBC Continues to Fear Monger on Climate Change: ‘A Sobering Forecast’ (NewsBusters)

Once again, NBC was out to scare its viewers about the threat of man-made climate change. Appearing on the Sunday, May 4 NBC Nightly News, Ann Curry narrated a 2 minute 30 second piece that attempted to instill panic in its viewers about the supposed dire state of the world’s climate. 

Curry began her report by showing video of cars falling off of a street in Baltimore, Maryland after a heavy rainstorm before bemoaning that this “is one example of extreme weather events that may be more common in the future.”

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