Rhymefest Agrees with Donald Trump, Blames Mayor Emanuel for Chicago Violence

‘It’s not the president’s job to stop violence in Chicago … It falls into especially the mayor’s hands, mayor Rahm Emanuel’

SMITH: "Why hasn't the mayor released that $420 million of HUD funding for affordable housing? You know, this thing that's happening in Chicago didn't just happen out of a vacuum. It has a history. You know, the affordable housing, the projects, if you want to call them that, were torn down, you know, decades ago in Chicago, and the people who lived in those places were just pushed around to various areas of the city with vouchers and were never give an opportunity to get on their feet. The government had allocated $420 million to help those people that the mayor has yet to release. So I wouldn't necessarily blame President Barack Obama because that's not within his jurisdiction, but I would ask Mayor Rahm Emanuel why haven't these communities of major violence been invested in at the level that the money has been coming into the city."

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