Amb. Woolsey on Russia Hacking: Decisions Made by Pres. Obama Haven’t Been Real Shrewd

‘These sanctions, for example, are not particularly strong’


WOOSLEY: "I think that's right on. I think there's a real problem in President Obama. He's the actor here. President-Elect Trump is watching and commenting from the sidelines for another three weeks and everybody realizes he'll be president and a very important figure, but decisions that have been made by President Obama haven't been very shrewd. These sanctions, for example, are not particularly strong. They could have been if someone was willing to go as far as not let the Russians use dollars in international exchanges but nobody's taken a step like that. So you ended up closing a couple of summer houses, having three dozen KGB and gru officers under official cover so they're declared persona non grata, they can't be arrested or anything, they get shipped out to Moscow and another 35 five are Moscow to take their places." 

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