Newt Gingrich: Absurd for Trump to Put His Holdings in a Blind Trust

‘I think they’re going to have to find some system that convinces most reasonable people that they’re operating within bounds of integrity and bounds that prevent corruption and prevent misuse of power’

GINGRICH: "This is a country that wants accountability. Now, again, he is unique and I totally defend him against those who, for example, want him to put his holdings in a blind trust, which is an absurdity."
MARTIN: "Why is that absurd?"
GINGRICH: "A large part of his holdings are Trump golf clubs, Trump hotels. I mean, we have never quite had anyone of this scale to occupy the White House, and it’s going to require us to think about how do you deal with this in a way that’s effective and that serves the interest of the country, but also meets some kind of practical common sense test."

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