Lynch on Hate Crimes Against Muslims: Election ‘Rhetoric ‘Awakens Certain Views in People’

‘We’re watching it very, very carefully’

LYNCH: "We’ve been seeing this uptick, really in the last several years. The report that the FBI just issued focused on 2015 and saw a rise in hate crimes overall and rather alarming large increase in hate crimes directed against muslim-americans. Certainly we’ve gotten reports of more incidents in the last several months and those reports are under investigation. We’re watching it very, very carefully. It’s a combination of things. I think the rhetoric certainly around the election makes people, awaken certain views in certain people and feel elm powered to act on it. My advice to the administration is look at this issue as carefully as we are. I’ll leave it to them how they want to respond to it. For me it’s important for me to talk to these groups and anxieties over statistics, the numbers, the rhetoric, over to freedom that some people feel at this point in time to just express hate. You know, look obviously what we do in the department is defend the first amendment as well. We defended the right to people’s right to say things no matter how hateful you are. You got wonder why is site important to some people to express themselves in the most vitriolic and negative terms possible. I leave that for people to consider for themselves.

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