Angus King: Naming Somebody as Sec. of State with ‘Close Ties to Russia Certainly Raises Questions’

‘They are an adversary’


KING: “When you've got all these other questions swirling about what's the policy with Russia, who by the way is an adversary. Let's be clear, they are an adversary. They are trying to upset democracy all over the world and certainly, they are trying to do so here. And -- and the fact that Mr. Tillerson seems to have such deep relationships both business and personal in Russia and with Putin himself is a real question that is going to have to be addressed in depth at his confirmation hearings. I’m going to take them one at a time, Chris and -- and go -- I’m going to go to a lot of the hearings, even though I may not be on the -- on the committee just to listen to these folks’ answers and to try to get a flavor of what their policies are. But clearly, naming somebody as secretary of state with these close ties to Russia certainly raises questions.”

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