Milbank on 2016: The Problem Is with the Electoral College, Not the Dem Party

‘People shouldn’t overreact and say that there is something fundamentally wrong with the Democratic Party’

MILBANK: "You got to give her this, she gives great speeches in defeat and she did it again. She's very good at that sort of thing. There is a debit under way now. You had David Brock this last week, an ally of Hillary Clinton saying that Democrats really need to have this investigation of the party and overhaul of the whole thing I think far more people are pushing back and saying there isn't anything wrong with the party, not anything wrong with the message that Hillary Clinton was an imperfect messenger, talking about staying the course, building on success at a time when people did not feel that success and people wanted change. It is not necessarily her fault that she was perhaps not the best person for the moment, but you are quite correct that the Democrats need --"
SHARPTON: "But she did get 2.6 million more votes and still counting."
MILBANK: "Right. Exactly. That's why I think people shouldn't overreact and say that there is something fundamentally wrong with the Democratic Party. They gained seats. There may be something wrong with the electoral college. We'll have to talk to Mr. Madison about that and see what can be done."

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