Trump: If John Kennedy Doesn’t Win Senate Seat, Maybe ‘We Can’t Build the Wall’

‘We’ll build a wall, that’s true’


TRUMP:"We need John in Washington not only for the vote, we need for leadership and everything else but if you go there we'll win. Kennedy is a proven leader who's balanced -- which is amazing -- 16 budgets, returned millions of dollars to taxpayers. He's a tax cutter and he will be a true fighter for Louisiana in Washington. He will be a fighter for you. So important. We need John Kennedy in the Senate to help enact our agenda and we have to do it, our agenda on behalf of the people of this state and for this country. That includes protecting the Second Amendment, (Cheering and Applause) Repealing and replacing ObamaCare, (Cheering and Applause) Securing our southern border.We'll build a wall, that's true. We're going to build a wall. Well, if John's not there, maybe we can't build the wall so now I know you're going to come out."

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