Colbert to TIME: Don’t Think I Didn’t Notice that You Put Devil Horns on Trump’s Head

‘Let’s face it, Trump dominated the news this year’

COLBERT: "Let's face it, Trump dominated the news this year. The only person who came close was Hillary Clinton, who sadly had to settle for the cover of "Upstate Woods Wanderer." That's good. She looks happy. She looks rested. She's fine! She's going to be fine. Check out Trump on "Time's" cover. I can understand why he distrusts the media. It looks like they snuck up on him to take that photo. Plus, "Time," don't think we didn't notice that you put those devil horns right on his head. It's true. I don't think that's a joke. I think that's true. Trump was happy about it, and, of course, angry about it as well."

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