Rush Limbaugh: If Trump Does Trillion-Dollar Stimulus Right, People Will Love It

‘He will do things that are not gonna look very conservative, because he’s not an ideologue’

Rush Limbaugh: If Trump does trillion-dollar stimulus right, people will love it (The Blaze)

Conservative talker Rush Limbaugh seemed to signal approval of President-elect Donald Trump’s trillion-dollar stimulus plan despite it being anathema to conservatives.

In a segment during his show Monday, Limbaugh compared Trump’s plan for the modernization of airports by the federal government to the building of the Hoover Dam and the Panama Canal. He later said it will be like Franklin Roosevelt securing a “50-year guaranteed majority for the Democratic Party.”

Rush fully conceded that this goes against “small government” conservatism but reminded his audience that Trump is not a conservative and that he will do things that “are not gonna look very conservative, because he’s not an ideologue.” But, Limbaugh added, if there are “witness-able demonstrative improvements,” then people will approve of it regardless of whether it’s ideologically correct or not.

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