Pence: ‘Petraeus Is an American Hero; He Paid a Price for Mishandling Classified Material’

‘He is an American hero and he has our great respect’

TODD: "Given how high profile the e-mail situation was, the classified issue was for Secretary Clinton during the presidential campaign, how significant is the conviction against general patraeus in your thinking and the president-elect's thinking when it comes to secretary of state?"
PENCE: "First, let me say that general David Petraeus is an American hero. Led forces in battle. He paid a price." 
TODD: "Did he deserve to pay a price?"
PENCE: "He paid a price for mishandling classified information."
TODD: "You don't think that disqualified him to be secretary of state?"
PENCE: "I think that will be up to the president-elect. The president-elect will weigh that against a backdrop of an extraordinary career whether it's as secretary of state or another role. It will be the president-elect's decision about the totality of general patraeus' experience and background. But I first met general patraeus when he was commanding the 101st airborne in Iraq. Then I saw him marshal the plan and the resources for what became the successful surge in Iraq. He is an American hero and he has our great respect."

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