Colbert: I Know Romney Ordered Frog, But It’s Like He’s Eating Crow

‘So Trump looks like he’s feasting on baby souls in that photo, but what about Romney?’

COLBERT: "Now, did. Did Trump enjoy this public display of his most prominent Republican critic bending the knee? I don't know. Let's just check out a photo of Trump at the dinner. Yeah, I think he did. I'm glad they shot that from the waist up. Because he seems very happy. Now, some people think in this photo Trump looks like the devil here. I think he looks like the guy who fired the devil one week before Christmas. "You can't fire me one week before the holidays. You're a monster. What about my son Damien? You know he has asthma. He was counting on that trip to Harry Potter world." That's my devil. So Trump looks like he's feasting on baby souls in that photo, but what about Romney? Let's take a look. Oh! Oh Mitt! Oh, Mitt! I know he ordered the frog, but it looks like he's eating crow. I know, this is how-- this is kind of how I feel all the time."

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