Matthews: Media Are ‘Pro-Obama’; If President Disagrees, He’s ‘Crazy’

‘The press has generally been pro-Obama. That’s a fact’

Chris Matthews: Media Are 'Pro-Obama'; If President Disagrees, He's 'Crazy' (Newsbusters)

Even Chris Matthews admits it. Talking to the liberal Alex Wagner on Wednesday's Hardball about the IRS scandal, the cable host came clean on the press and their love for Barack Obama. After Wagner insisted that the President was tired of an "unfair media," Matthews scoffed, "Let me tell you something. The press has generally been pro-Obama. That's a fact." If the President disagrees, "he's crazy."

The MSNBC anchor summed up the state of journalism: "I look at the major newspapers. I look at the major networks, broadcast nets. I look at us...CNN. Where's all this antipathy towards Obama?" According to Matthews, if the staff of the White House are unhappy with how they've been covered, they "are very uninformed about the history of presidencies."

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