Ben Howe: Republicans Have ‘Almost Become Immune to Being Called Racist’

‘It’s one of the things that gets people the most upset is being called racist’


HOWE: "There’s a serious problem with getting Republicans or conservatives to recognize what’s in their midst. I think part of that is what you’re hitting on here which is they’ve almost become immune to being called racist. It’s one of the things that gets people the most upset is being called racist, especially folks who maybe don’t know the details of what you’re talking about with sessions or who Steve Bannon is. One of the reasons Bannon is so dangerous is he knows exactly how to use that sort of white grief I guess you would call it about being called a racist in order to deflect any criticism. So when there’s a valid criticism law at the alt-right and people say this is associated with white nationalist movements, the general reaction is oh, you’re just using talking points, everybody is racist and so on. I think there has to be an elevated conversation to get people to understand the difference between somebody who is unaware or unwilling to see the elements in their midst and people that are actually racist in order to get anyone to understand that these criticisms are real."

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