Conway to Protesters: ‘Listen to Obama and Biden, They’re Trying to Give Trump and Pence a Chance’

‘People who defied Donald Trump before he was elected will not accept the results’


HANNITY: "By the way, what do these people actually fear? Do they fear that he is going to provide job creation and economic growth for all these folks that are told by college professors we will have safe spaces and college credits if you will protest the election of Donald Trump? I’ll tell you what, two weeks ago what was all the narrative, all the talk on cable TV and elsewhere is what? Will Donald Trump accept the election results? That is the great question to ask about the wrong candidate and wrong candidate’s movements. And the people who defied Donald Trump before he was elected will not accept the results. I like that vice president said that they weren’t ready. Their government wasn’t ready right away and trump/pence administration can’t be formed overnight either. He said he feels quote confident in having met with vice president pence and his family today. He feels confident the government is in good hands. Listen to Obama and Biden, they are trying to give trump and pence a chance."

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