Krauthammer: Hillary Would Be Inclined for a Grand Bargain with Ryan: It Would Be Her Immortality

‘I think it is possible given the personalities’

KRAUTHAMMER: “I think they can if parties allow them to. I think Obama is different personality from Hillary. I think Hillary would be inclined at a grand bargain. That would be her chance to kind of imortality and establishing her presidency, at least a legacy early on and I think she might be impatient to do that. But will her party let her considering how far to the left she had to run to get the nomination? And then will Paul Ryan’s party, with the Freedom Caucus and others, allow him to come halfway? If you’re an outside observer from Mars you would say the country’s problems are soluble with compromise on spending, on tax reform and entitlements. It is all out there, all doable and it requires a political will. I think it is possible given the personalities but it might not be possible given the influences within the party.”

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