Attorney on Giuliani FBI Story: He Looks Like a ‘Criminal Defendant Under Interrogation’

‘He clearly looks like he know something he’s not telling us’

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LEMON: "So Page, are you confident we're getting the whole story here?"
PATE: "I'm not at all confident. In fact, Rudy Giuliani looks like a criminal defendant under interrogation. He looks like he's not telling us something, and these are result of James Comey's leadership of the FBI. I don't think that at all. In fact this is another reason I think Comey was right to issue the letter when he did. He did not cause these leaks but he knew these leaks were coming so wouldn't it be better for there to be an official letter from the director of the FBI, not a excusing anyone of e-mail, but we found additional e-mails we need to review them and this is inconsistent with what I told Congress earlier so I'm clarifying the record. Not saying anything more about it, not the substance of the investigation, not the details of the investigation, but I think he did that try to head off some of these leaks, not to encourage them. 
>> Hey, page, how did that go, the heading off the leaks, do you think that was a big success?"

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