Attorney on FBI-Clinton: ‘Special Prosecutor Should Have Been Appointed at the Very Beginning’

‘They were ready to turn it over to the attorney general, but she washed her hands of it’

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PAUL: "Page, I want to go to you now. You've been saying from the beginning that the investigation into this could have been handled differently. How so?" 
PATE: "It's amazing to me that we have the FBI director making the final decision on whether or not Secretary Clinton was going to be prosecuted. In any federal investigation, you always have a law enforcement agency, in this case, the FBI, investigating the case, but then they turn it over to a prosecutor. And what happened here is after the FBI completed their investigation, they were ready to turn it over to the attorney general, but she washed her hands of it and said, I'm not going to make this decision. I'm going to leave it to the FBI. And even though, everyone has given director Comey, at least up until now, a lot of credit for being independent and having unimpeachable character, he is still an employee of the department of justice. He still works for the attorney general. So I think a special prosecutor should have been appointed at the very beginning of this investigation, so we at least had a prosecutor for the FBI to turn the case over to."

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