Robertson Warns Vegas Bookies: ‘If You Bet Against Trump, You’re Gonna Lose Your Shirt’

‘If you bet against Donald Trump, you’re gonna lose your shirt’

Pat Robertson Has A Warning For The Bookies In Vegas: Bet Against Trump And ‘You’ll Lose Your Shirt’ (Right Wing Watch)

Donald Trump is holding a campaign rally in Virginia today at Regent University, the Christian college founded by Pat Robertson. Since Robertson has been a vocal supporter of the GOP nominee, it was no surprise to see him deliver some short remarks to open the rally, telling the bookies in Las Vegas not to bet against Trump winning the election next month.

The televangelist recounted meeting Trump for the first time years ago while attending an Evander Holyfield fight. At the time, Trump was facing financial difficulties, but assured Robertson that he would recover … and he did, which prompted Robertson to send a warning to the professional bookies in Las Vegas.

“I want to give a warning to the bookies in Vegas,” Robertson said. “If you bet against Donald Trump, you’re gonna lose your shirt.”

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