CNN: House Speaker Paul Ryan Says He Will No Longer Defend Donald Trump

Raju: ‘Simply, at the end of the day they can’t defend all the things Donald Trump has been sa’

RAJU: “Yeah, we do have some big news. Paul Ryan, the House speaker, saying he’s done defending Donald Trump, saying that on a conference call with Republican members just now. I want to read you some notes from someone who was on the call sending me an e-mail about exactly how it went down. The speaker and Republican leaders want to talk about the political landscape. What they wanted to focus on is that they're going to only worry about the house Republican majority going forward. They believe that’s where they want to spend all their energy for the next month, not on helping Donald Trump. They are saying the speaker told Republican members 'You all need to do what’s best for you in your district. That means that if you need to abandon Donald Trump, you should abandon Donald Trump. If you need to run with Donald Trump, run with Donald Trump.' But what the speaker said very clearly, that he will not defend Trump or the campaign or Donald Trump’s campaign for the next month." 

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