Yamiche Alcindor: Hillary’s ‘Definitely Having Trouble Getting Millennials’

‘This audio actually confirms what millennials have been saying about her for quite some time’

MITCHELL: “Yamiche, contrary to what the Trump campaign expected, Bernie Sanders’s response was to say, ‘Yeah, I agree with what she was saying.’ He’s going to be campaigning for her again on Wednesday. So I don’t know if this has hurt her but she is having trouble getting those millennials.”
ALCINDOR: “She’s definitely having trouble getting millennials. I think that this audio actually confirms what millennials have been saying about her for quite some time. The millennials I have been talking to over the last few weeks, as I have been writing stories about the trouble she’s having with young voters, they’ve been saying that that’s their problem, that they feel like President Obama, while he was a great symbol and it was great to see him in the White House, he didn’t really deliver on the change and the hope that he sold them on. This idea is that they are living in their parents’ basements, that they were the generation who were going to go work for Lehman Brothers. I had friends who had Lehman Brothers acceptance letters who now cannot have those jobs anymore. So I think that a lot of the people that she’s hoping will vote for her and make up the difference and help her beat Donald Trump — those are the people who are feeling that. I think that the young voters that she’s going after — they’re not going to be offended by the audio that we hear her saying that because in some minds they are saying ‘Oh, she understands why we’re upset. She understands what’s going on."

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