General Keane: Enough Rhetoric; Time for Obama to Take Action Against Russia

‘We are still using rhetoric and diplomacy, and we have to change our policy’

Keane: U.S. Needs To Move Away From Rhetoric And Take Strong Action Against Russia (Washington Free Beacon)

Retired four star General Jack Keane slammed the Obama administration for its failed reset policy with Ukraine, saying the United States needs to stop relying strictly on rhetoric and take strong, resolute action against Russia.

“We miscalculated and now we have to step up. We are still using rhetoric and diplomacy, and we have to change our policy,” Keane told Fox News Wednesday.

The problem, Keane said, is that the administration is “constantly paralyzed of the fear of adverse consequences” when it came to Russia.

In terms of what the President can do, Keane stressed the need for economically crippling sanctions on Russia that would deny it capital and access to American and European financial markets. Keane also said the list of oligarchs sanctioned should be expanded from the current eleven to hundreds of Russian’s richest citizens.

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