Clinton Camp Tries to Spin NYT Report on Hillary’s Close Ties with Goldman Sachs

‘That story was ... it was a kind of false equivalency’

TODD: "Very quickly, today’s New York Times has an extensive report on the ties of Hillary Clinton to Goldman Sachs and it talks about various ways that they’ve been very close, whether it’s the paid speeches, whether it was supporting a philanthropic operation that Goldman Sachs did while she was at the State Department. Does this undermine Secretary Clinton’s credibility that she can be tough on Wall Street, that she has so many close ties to one of Wall Street’s biggest brands?"
PODESTA: "No I thought that, you know that story was, again, it was a kind of false equivalency. What it said was that she supported a philanthropic program that gave 10,000 women entrepreneurs around the world a chance to get started. But what she’s done is put forward what everyone has agreed, including The New York Times itself, is the most comprehensive program to regulate Wall Street. In contrast, Donald Trump wants to wipe away Dodd-Frank, everything that’s been done to make sure that Wall Street doesn’t wreck Main Street again. What she wants to do—"

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