Jan Brewer: ‘Very Obvious’ This Is ‘Corruption’ and ‘Pay for Play’ with Hillary Clinton

‘Corruption happened right before our eyes, Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation would try to hide all of this by having her emails in the basement of her house’


BREWER: "Well, I think that he laid it out pretty clear. If the public didn’t already know that it’s been such a corruption happening right before our eyes that Hillary Clinton and the Clinton foundation would try to hide all of this by having her emails in her basement of her house. It is absolutely outrageous and obviously we know now what was going on. It’s the difficult Hillary Clinton, not telling the truth. Trying to hide it and then moving forward and telling us that it wasn’t true. There was 30,000 emails that her staff read each and every one. Now another 15,000 and I understand there is more coming. It’s absolutely corruption. And it is very obvious that it’s pay to play and for access and favors and she was delivering right on the mark."

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