Evan McMullin on Trump: ‘You Sound More Like ISIS than an American President’

‘Everything about Donald Trump is extreme’

BOLDUAN: "I was watching your Twitter feed during Donald Trump’s speech. One of them you said extreme Donald Trump, you sound more like ISIS than an American president."
MCMULLIN: "That’s right."
BOLDUAN: "What do you mean?"
MCMULLIN: "Everything about Donald Trump is extreme. He tries to divide Americans in the same way ISIS does, the same way Vladimir Putin does. He wants to pit religion against religion, race against race. We’ve been a divided country for so long, Kate. It’s time for us to unite. Ifbl both candidates of the major parties, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump in different ways are dividing this country. I believe I can unite this country. I believe that Americans want to be united. I believe there’s a great desire for that among most Americans. That’s what we hope to provide is a way for ward in that regard."


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