Newt Gingrich: The Elite Media Is Dedicated to Defeating Trump

‘The elite media understands that if they allow Donald Trump to communicate directly with the American people … he’s going to win and Hillary is going to lose’

DOBBS: "Donald Trump getting high marks in his speech before the Detroit economic club and doing very well in my opinion certainly with his taxation proposals, particularly on trade brackets, reducing corporate business taxes to 15% and then he is hit with all of this nonsense because he made an aside about the 2nd amendment which was, I had never seen the national media, the liberal media makes such a transparent and aggressive attack on any candidate which they knew was pure balderdash."
GINGRICH: "I think you have to expect is this for the next 90 days. The media understands if they allow Donald Trump to communicate directly with the American people he's going to beat them and he's going to win and Hillary is going to lose and the elite media in newsroom after newsroom is dedicated to defeating trump and i think every chance they get to try to get him off message they will. this was a totally phony story and i think trump is doing the right thing to just plow right through it. i hope that trump will take as his model Harry Truman's campaign in 1948 where the entire elite media had written Truman off and he came back and he pounded away and he won the presidency despite every expectation of the national establishment. I think Trump is the same opportunity this year."

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