Hewitt: Trump Camp Still Strong Because He ‘Course Corrects’ When He Gets It Wrong

‘If he had stayed tin eared and tone deaf to race in America, it would destroy his candidacy and probably the Republican party’

Hugh Hewitt: Trump Campaign Is Still Strong Because He ‘Course Corrects’ When He Gets It Wrong (Mediaite)

Hugh Hewitt, the onetime “Dump Trump” conservative radio host who came around to the GOP nominee, defended the candidate despite his frequency of gaffes and reports of turmoil his campaign because Trump would “course correct” where Clinton could not.

MSNBC’s Tamron Hall pressed Hewitt Friday morning on his previous assertion that looking past Trump’s attacks on a federal judge for his Mexican heritage were akin to “ignoring stage 4 cancer.”

“Are you ignoring stage 4 cancer?” she asked.

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