CPAC 2014: John Bolton Slams the Obama Doctrine of ‘Drift, Decline, and Defeatism’

‘We meet at a time of true national security crisis ... but our biggest national security crisis is Barack Obama’

Bolton: Obama Doctrine is ‘Drift, Decline, and Defeatism’ (Washington Free Beacon)

Former Ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton blasted the Obama administration’s foreign policy at the Conservative Political Action Conference Thursday, calling Obama’s doctrine abroad one of “drift, decline, and defeatism”.

Bolton highlighted a number of issues in his blistering critique of the President, including drastic cuts in defense spending, the Chinese naval buildup, Iran ongoing nuclear program, and Russia’s recent invasion of Iran.

On Benghazi, Bolton called it a “terrible lesson” for America’s adversaries that no culprits have been brought to justice for the murder of Ambassador Chris Stephens and three other Americans.

“Well we will tell Hillary Clinton, ‘We know what difference it makes even if you don’t,’” Bolton said, eliciting cheers from the crowd.

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