Obama: Racial Problems with Police Are Not New

‘They’ve been there and come up periodically for quite some time’

OBAMA: " Look at the way in which my daughters take for granted their right to aspire to anything, and I think about the way in their interactions with their white friends, they have a common culture and a common language and common perspectives that were far more segregated even when I was growing up, and that wasn’t that long ago. So in a lot of ways I would feel more hopeful. Ironically, I think precisely because things have gotten better, what I’ve heard from younger African-Americans is more shock about the images and the videos from Minnesota or Baton Rouge. And what I’ve had to say to them is that, you know, these issues are not new. They’ve been there and come up periodically for quite some time. What’s new is smartphones and videos and this actually gives us a greater opportunity to try to tackle these problems."

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