Mook Won’t Say if Debbie Wasserman Schultz Should Be Disciplined over Emails

‘You’re definitely going to see Debbie Wasserman Schultz’ at the convention


MOOK: "I think the DNC needs to get to the bottom of the facts, needs to understand what actually happened here and then appropriate action needs to be taken. But right now, we’re really focused on having a great convention and — and — and celebrating the campaign of Senator Sanders and — and talking about why Secretary Clinton is running, her lifelong fight for kids and families, the specific plans she has to — to get this economy working for everybody, not just those at the top. I think you’re going to see a tremendous difference between the Republican convention, which was doom and gloom, discord, disunity, attacks on Hillary Clinton. You’re going to see an optimistic, hopeful view of our future and specific plans to make people’s lives better."

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