Noah on Hillary Emails: Did She Tell the Truth About Anything?

‘Hillary Clinton is basically the Volkswagen of candidates ... and now, just like Volkswagen, turns out there is a whole lot of [bleep] she’s been hiding from us’

NOAH: "Did Hillary tell the truth about anything? I feel like the next time I hear her say 'I'm Hillary Clinton and I approve this message.' The FBI director will pop out and say, 'Her real name is Philip G. Mackadoo.' Why, Hillary, why? Do you understand that your lies have besmirched the Clinton name, a name synonymous with integrity -- no, that's not the point, that's not the point, the point is-- that's the point. The course of Hillary's entire campaign has been the idea that she is the responsible candidate, sound judgement, disciplined, dependable. Hillary Clinton is basically the Volkswagen of candidates. She's the efficient, practical choice who's been in the game for years. And now, just like Volkswagen, turns out there is a whole lot of [bleep] she's been hiding from us."

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