NBC’s Brian Williams: It’s an ‘Outrage’ Congress Didn’t Take Seth Rogen Seriously

‘Outrage: a funny guy gets suddenly serious before a room full of empty chairs in Washington’

Clueless Brian Williams: An 'Outrage' That Congress Didn't Rhapsodize Over Comic Seth Rogen (NewsBusters)

According to NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams, It's an "outrage" that members of Congress didn't sit in rapt attention to every word of self-admitted "pothead" Seth Rogen. The comedian and actor appeared on Capitol Hill, Thursday, to testify on the issue of Alzheimer's disease. As is common, senators filtered in and out of the hearing. Later, Rogen took to Twitter, railing against the poor showing. NBC dutifully played along. 

Williams alerted, "Still ahead for us tonight, outrage. A funny guy gets suddenly serious before a roomful of empty chairs in Washington." According to journalist Peter Alexander, the actor felt the sting of testifying "before a largely absent Senate subcommittee." Alexander sympathized, asserting this was an example of how "Washington wasn't listening." However, the practice is fairly standard as members have meetings, votes and other congressional duties.

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